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 Ultimate kegerator

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PostSubject: Ultimate kegerator   Mon Sep 03, 2012 5:21 pm

I thought I'd toss this out just in case anyone had some coin burning a hole in their pocket. I wandered into the NPS Store (1601 South Empire Road) today and they had a commercial five tap kergerator/cooler with a built-in glass washer for sale. I can't remember if it was 30% off or 35% off the marked price (I think it was $1300, but I'm not positive). If you're not familiar with NPS, they sell salvaged and freight recovery items; long story short, kind of a scratch and dent store. It was in the warehouse area near the scrap metal. It definitely had some scratches and dents but it looked fairly complete...and big as it's sized for five commercial kegs. I bet you could fit at least a dozen cornies inside this thing.
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Ultimate kegerator
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